1. ajroach42:

    Mind man.

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    Our newest turntable (c. 1955)

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    Led Zepplin live. New #vinyl (at Analog Revolution)

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    Flipping through the bins. #st.Vincent (at Analog Revolution)

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    Check this stuff out, for serious. (at Analog Revolution)

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    When was the last time you heard a Mitch Ryder record? (at Analog Revolution)

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    Foxygen: we are the twenty first century ambassadors of peace and magic. New arrival (at Analog Revolution)

  8. rootsnbluesfestival:

    The Temptations

    (via party-wok)

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    Talking business. #analogrevolution

    My business partner is a photogenic jerk. :-) 


  10. 1958528_10205039714292321_3370455606143416466_n

    Every Sunday, from 11:30-4:00 in store at Analog Revolution we have Sunday School.

    Last sunday we learned about Rock and Roll history. We listened to a blues record that was released in 1921, some electric blues from the fifties, garage rock from the 60s, and punk from the 80s (all on this beautiful portable turntable that was originally released in 1954!)

    This Sunday, we’ll probably do largely the same thing. Exploring our collection of obscure 45s from the 50s and 60s.

    In the weeks to come, we’ll also cover things like:

    • how to clean records
    • how to check condition on records
    • how to set up a hifi system
    • what each component actually does
    • how to build speakers/amplifiers
    • Things to look for when buying records you don’t recognize
    • The history of modern jazz
    • and, really, a lot more.

    It’s a good time, and a great chance to learn a little bit and have some good conversations.

    [And, as if that weren’t enough, mention that you saw this post next Sunday between 11:30 and 4:00 for 20% off your vintage record purchase.]

    Heck, if there’s enough interest we’ll start getting doughnuts.