2. We make records and CDs.

    Here are some of them.

  3. ajroach42:

    Leonard Cohen - songs from a room - new arrival (at analog revolution)

  4. ajroach42:

    John barleycorn must die. New arrival.


  5. Like All Good Poets – A collection of original poetry from young poets in Georgia.

    10 poets, 100 pages.

    Available as a hand-bound hardback or a mass-produced paperback.

    P&P T-shirt


    Order Like all Good Poets book
  6. ajroach42:

    John barleycorn must die. New arrival.

  7. ajroach42:

    Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice - new arrival on #vinyl at Analog Revolution #folk #punk #folkpunk

  8. ajroach42:

    New arrival - john Lennon - imagine - with poster.

    (via vinylkillsmp3)

  9. ajroach42:

    The shepherde’s - born to be mild - new arrival at analog revolution.

    Buy it here


  10. Sent from my iPhone, an original collection of poetry by twitter user @rawpecans

    The book is 56 pages long, and saddle-stitched. It is plain an unassuming, unlike the poetry contained within.

    It’s the kind of thing you want to own, even if you don’t realize it.

    And it’s only $5.